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1,100galllon reef tank

1,100galllon reef tank

This is a reef tank in a privet building. 12' long X 3'6" wide X 3'6" tall. Under 1312 watts of light, 1'6" above the water, you should have no problem caring for any coral you want. This would be run on a closed loop, as to have eough flow for all those corals and still look good! :) Tank and surrounding rooms are wrapped in white crown bolding with maple cabinet doors. one side of the tank is thhe living room, looking though the tank you can see the bar in the kitchen on the other side. Most equipment could be had under the tank along with an additional ewuipment room not pictured here. Note: the sruounding building has not been drawn, except for the walls connected. #aquarium #big_aquarium #fish_tank #giant_reef_tank #reef_tank #sketchup_8
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