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Laharl's Sword

Laharl's Sword

Amy Sadler
I was asked to do this sword by request of a friend of mine after I had photo shared with him via Yahoo Instant Messenger, screen shots of my Dark Sword and he gave me an image of a sword that he really would like to see in 3D The Title of the image was Laharl's Sword. Though I do not know if this is that exact sword, please anyone let me know the correct name of this sword, I only have the image and it's title to go off. The top part of the handle is creative license, since the image did not have the full view of the top part of it. Sorry for any confusion with the pervious model with the title of The Mighty Sword, there was a slight problem with that, which I had not noticed until after a closer look at it, no one is perfefect. So I corrected the problem while I made sure that the image had a title and I was reading it correctly. I can do other swords on requests if anyone is interested, if I can do it, I will let you know and also if I can't do it, but I will give it a go of trying to do the sword until I feel I can not do it, I know my own limits, but always up to pushing what I can do with goggle sketchup. #Fantasy #Sword
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