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Skum Acoustics - Streckkod - Wooden acoustic panel

Skum Acoustics - Streckkod - Wooden acoustic panel

Skum Acoustics
The latest generation STRECKKOD acoustic panel combines diverse techniques in one product to obtain a panel with excellent acoustic properties and great versatility in addition to a carefully designed aesthetic finish with a wooden panel that enables it to be integrated into the decoration of the space. The STRECKKOD panel has been innovatively developed by fusing diverse techniques used in classic acoustic products to achieve the most complete, general acoustic panel on the market. The foundations of the panel are based on a core of high-performance acoustic foam, which provides a base with a high sound absorption capacity at medium and high frequencies (wideband absorption) and a unique design that includes a set of air chambers that increase its absorption capacity by up to 20%. This design also optimises shipping, reducing the volume occupied by up to 30%. The sound-absorbing nucleus includes a wooden panel that acts as a resonance membrane, improving absorption at the lowest end of the usable spectrum (medium-low frequencies). The wooden panel also presents a series of grooves based on a mathematical MLS diffusion sequence, providing the product with a combination of absorbent zones and reflective zones that transform excess absorption of the nucleus at high frequency into sound diffusion capacity, therefore maintaining the appropriate definition of the room. The wooden panels are available with varnished 'Nordic' or lacquered in white or black colors. Wooden acoustic panel of 595 x 595 mm (69 mm thick). Boxes of 6 units (2.12 m2), foam core and wooden panel. Available in nordic, white or black. Optimal acoustic performance for control and mastering rooms. by Skum Acoustics #absorbente_acústico #absorbente_sonido #absorbeur_acoustique #absorbeurs_de_son #absorvedor_de_som #absorvente_acústico #absorção_de_som #acondicionamiento_acústico #acoustic_absorber #acoustic_treatment #acoustical_foam #espuma_acústica #mousse_acoustique #Skum_Acoustics #sound_absorber #sound_absorption #traitement_acoustique #tratamento_acústico #tratamiento_acústico #acoustic_panel #room_treatment
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