Since even designing the tanks I've made into working models will take some time, I've started with a more realistic alternative. This suped up Humvee has an enhanced suspension in the front (similar to that of a warthog from Halo) and a standard suspension in the back. The turret on the top has an upgraded 50cal machine gun. The solidier manning the turret reloads the RPGs on the back as well. This Humvee also has two antennas for better communication (they are strapped down in the model) and a camera on the back, left, and right sides, instead of those bulky mirrors. There is also a little turret on the back that is used in urban combat situations that is controlled by one of the passengers. And like any respectable Humvee, it has RACING SEATS!!! Keep on Modelling!!! #awesome #car #cool #gun #guns #Humvee #jeep #military #RPG #turret #vehicle
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