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Kolding City Hall

Kolding City Hall

Christian Bergstrøm Rossen
Kolding City Hall is one of the most common tourist attractions in Kolding. The grand architectural wonder of the city attracts all kinds of the visitors to the city. Situated in an easily accessible location in the city, the Kolding City Hall is a splendid example of work of art. Kolding City Hall is located in the central market place of this beautiful town of Denmark. The Kolding City Hall is a fine example of Neo-Romanesque period. Visitors can see the attractive mural in the stairs, which was painted by master artist Otto Bache. The mural depicts the scene of attack of the Hussars. This medieval period town hall now houses a government building offices of the city. Opposite the building of the Kolding City Hall stands the beautiful Borchs Gard. This is an attractive house made of timber around the year 1595. The house was a pharmacy shop of the past. http://www.visitkolding.dk #Danmark #Denmark #Kolding
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