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Scandinavian cabin

Scandinavian cabin

Irene V.
This is a cabin inspired by the Scandinavian cabins, with a focus on the Norwegian ones. Especially this cabin is designed to be placed in the middle of the mountains where there is no access to water nor electricity. Therefore, there is an outside toiliet and solar panels are present on the roof. It is also prepared for large storms and much snow seen by the overall shape making the roof function as shelter. There are two entrances in case the snow blocks one of them. There are also no windows which go all the way to the bottom in case of heavy snowfall. The red colour makes the cabin stand out in the winter, while it evens out in the summer/autumn with the colours of the rest of the area. #Cabin #Environmental_friendly #Mountain_cabin #Mountains #Norway #Norwegian #Scandinacian #Scandinavian #Snow #Solar_panels #Wood
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