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P87A 9mm Pistol

P87A 9mm Pistol

The FirePower Mercanaries needed a relaible pistol after lessons learned from using the P .45 caliber in Tajikistan so Jaagen Von Stuefenhaleden with FP Merc. Unit 4 based in Germany designed the P87 soon to be upgraded to the 9mm bullet as the P87A The pistol slide did not move back thus making it less vulnerable to sand water and dirt the inside is like a tiny AK-47 but slightly tightened to make it more accurate the bullets were designed with the P87A in mind so it was developed with the ArialShok Bullet a powerful round designed to explode when hitting the Kevlar, then sending a 7.62mm projectile through the hole into the bod, but the bullet will not explode when the body is not with Kevlar so it can be legal for Military battles #9mm #gun #P87A #Pistol
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