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Ficus Tree

Ficus Tree

Pimmada P.
Single Trunk Ficus Tree. 3D Fabricated Replica Ficus Tree made by International Treescapes, LLC. Our Ficus Trees feature very high quality realistic materials, and are built to last indoors or outdoors. For our indoor replica Ficus Trees we use real ficus tree bark trunks and inherently fire retardant foliage and materials to ensure they meet commercial code. Our outdoor/exterior ficus trees have UV inhibited foliage and trunk bark which ensures the tree will last for years without fading outside in the sun. They are perfect for a location where because of weight restrictions, limit to water, or climate challenges a real live Ficus Tree would not survive. Trees and plant products manufactured by International Treescapes, LLC are proudly made by hand in the USA. #Artificial_Tree #Deciduous_Tree #Ficus_Tree #Landscape #Plant #Tree
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