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Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

Stefan L.
Home of the New York Yankees this 31 meter high (102 feet) stadium is one of the most famous in the world. The stadum was finished in 1923, re-opened in 1976 due to renevations. Yankee Stadium is often referred to as "The House that Ruth Built", but it is usually referred to as "The Stadium". It was the first baseball park to be labeled a "Stadium" rather than a "Field," a "Park," or a "Grounds," and it conformed to the usage of the term in ancient Greece, where a stadium was a foot-race arena. Yankee Stadium's field was initially surrounded by a (misshapen) quarter-mile running track, which effectively also served as an early "warning track" for fielders, a feature now standard in all major league ballparks. Model made by Stefan Larsson, #arena #babe_ruth #baseball #new_york #new_york_yankees #ny #sport #stadium #the_field #The_House_that_Ruth_Built #the_park #the_stadium #yankee_stadium #yankees
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