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Original corvette c6 by zxt.(i used the one that was all stock) List of mods which i made using sketchup only, include: wide body kit whcih has totaly remade front and rear bumpers and side skirts, hood, exhaust, rims, spoiler, and taillights. I give FOOF3R credit as well because i used a part from the bottom bumper of his gallardo to finish the rear bumper on this.If you download the original corvette and put it side by side with this corvette you'll see how custom the bodykit that i designed for this car is. This corvette is dedicated to all of the people who take the time to download my work to look at it because that is the only way that you can see all of the mods and appreciate the total work. Reminder if you reupload this car with your own changes start your descritption with "original by Sergeo...." otherwise your steeling what i made and thats uncool and bad for your ratings and rep. #American_car #Chevrolet #Chevy #Corvette #Corvette_C6 #corvette_z06 #Custom #LS3 #Muscle_car #Rims #Sergeo #Sergeo_777 #Tuned #Tuner
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