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Vuolux Niili 8 kW sauna heater

Vuolux Niili 8 kW sauna heater

Designed and manufactured in Finland by Vuolux, the Niili electric sauna heater decorates your sauna with its color options in cladding. The stone capacity is optimized for comfortable bathing and reasonable heating time and energy consumption. A remote control unit can be attached. The 8 kW version is suitable for a sauna 8-12 m3 in volume, the main benefit over the 6 kW model in an equal size sauna being the faster heat up time of your sauna. The Niili can be embedded into the lower bench with the optional fitting ring. The original Saunastore specializes in high quality saunas and sauna products. Saunastore has served customers for over 20 years, and delivers anywhere. Visit Saunastore to find more products. #bastu #bastuaggregat #electrical_sauna_heater #Elektrosaunaofen #kiuas #pilarikiuas #poêle_électrique_de_sauna #pylväskiuas #sauna #saunan_kiuas #Saunastore #sähkökiuas #Vuolux_Niili #сауна
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