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Boji Tower

Boji Tower

John Nadjarian
Boji Tower stands at 124 Allegan Street, in Lansing, Michigan. It has been the tallest building in Lansing, since its completion in 1931. At 23 stories, and 297 feet (91 m), the brick and limestone-faced tower, with its tall, narrow profile topped with a spire and beacon, is a typical American skyscraper design of the Art Deco era of high-rise architecture. It includes four engraved panels in the portals of the main passenger elevators that reflect themes of labor and industry. The tower's facade consists of 654,000 bricks of 17 different colors. The building is occupied by a mix of office, retail, and government tenants. #Allegan_St #Boji_Tower #Capitol #downtown_Lansing #Grand_Ave #Hopkins__Dentz #John_Nadjarian #Lansing #Michigan #Michigan_National
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