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Galactic Space Station, designed due to the war with SKPS. Because SKPS was on the other side of the galaxy, the NDAF has no idea how to deal with the trouble of fuel to keep them going. They could not keep flying back to Doroo, they needed something close by to refuel. Even though a supply of fuel can last them a few months, the war with SKPS doesn't show any sign of stopping soon. GSS Atlas solved that. It is a giant warstation, with powerful engines to move it around. The engines can push it to 11,000 mph, which is very fast for something of this size. It also has hangars to support tons of carriers (yes, its that big- the biggest thing in space except for the planets). It has living quarters, and the control deck is way on top. However, it still has what it was designed for: refuelling. Everything underneath the hangars stores gas- tons of gas. However, it uses some of that gas itself, so it can push itself into orbit around a planet, even if it is out of sight from the planet. Behemoths transport fuel back and forth in their giant holds. It is currently orbiting around Sakronia, although they cannot see it. Although all the gas would explode if it got shot, if their was any threat of this, the hangar and living quarters could pop off and jet away, and it is protected by itself: a thousand or so Leviathans can stay in it. Thats good defence. And it is shielded by a force field. Its cool. #CIBER_systems #CMM #DSF #FCPU #Fraidy #friends #gunny #natedude888 #NDAF #Phat_Cat #ROC #Sakronia #SKPS #space #Spyder #station #The_Amazing_Baron #THEK #Thin_Smek #UAC #UAF #USSE #WarclawSuperPlexJJJS
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