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Car Transporter Bus

Car Transporter Bus

Anthony D.
I took a normal bus, cut the rear off and flipped it 90 degrees. I then added the 2nd floor and the wheel arches. i added a wall at the front to separate the cockpit and the transporter. I made the back so that it goes up and down as well as in and out. I then added 4 snap-on tool boxes and a Dell Tech centre. I originally had my Prostreet Camaro and my Drag '57 but it made the file size too big, that is why the wheels and tyres at the front are made for those two cars. In the cockpit I installed a custom dash with GPS, coke bottle and more. I also installed a bed for the driver with a ladder to get to it. #95 #9five #Bus #camper #Car #Carrier #Dell #Drag #Race #snap_on #snapon #Transporter #Truck
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