Ahrend   p h i l i n k   table by Voet Theuns architects

Ahrend p h i l i n k table by Voet Theuns architects

Ahrend p h i l i n k is a new and durable table concept for office or home use, designed by belgian architects Jeroen Theuns an Caroline Voet. It is beeing produced and sold by Royal Ahrend nv. The p h i l i n k table is designed to be ‘linked’. Its tabletop has 3 sides equal in length and one corner of 90 degrees. The mathematical proportion ‘phi’ (golden section) introduces an angle of 60 degrees. This specific form enables the table to be ‘linked’ together in all sorts of configurations. Ahrend p h i l i n k can easily be used at home or in the office: round table for 6 persons, rectangular table for 8, star-, snake- and circular settings for bigger groups,... Wether it’s a dining room at home or meeting room at the office, a cafetaria, a lounge. Each setting creates new experiences and invites us to a new kind of sitting, working or just beeing together. It’s construction is strong yet light, economical and ecological thanks to the self supporting tabletop made from bamboo. The steel legs come in white or black. Ahrend p h i l i n k was introduced at the ‘Interieur 08’ international design fair in Kortrijk, Belgium. Since then it won the ‘Henry van de Velde 2009’ label, the Chicago good Design award and the dutch ‘GIO Goed Industrieel Ontwerp’. In april 2009 these tables were selected by Design Vlaanderen to be shown in Milaan. #Ahrend_philink #design #design_table #office_furniture #philink #table #tables
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