SD-01 Destroyer
The SD-01 is a destroyer that is agile and strength(FAIL!! I put stprg at first!) While it lacks great speed it makes up for it in firepower. There is one near invincible Energy Turret mounted on the deck of the Destroyer, a pair of Laser Cannons adjacent to the cockpit, a Pulse Cannon on the Front of the ship, internally reloadable missle pods (8 missles each) on the deck near the front, 2 smaller plasma turrets on the laterals, a couple of larger plasma turrets on the routed inset of the ship (THANKS TO NATEEL!) and many plasma turrets along the same routed inset. On the bottom of the Destroyer there is rack of escape pods in case the ship goes down. Thanks to Paradox for the missle pads, Andy for the original big turret, AJB93 for the original smaller turrets, TheMasterBeef for the original rail gun. UPDATE: Now with a hangar #cannon #class #destroyer #energy #heavy #huge #laser #load #missle #pad #plasma #pulse #ship #super #turret
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