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Compressed Earth Block Building Components

Compressed Earth Block Building Components

Dwell Earth
This model contains the components needed for a compressed earth block building system using Dwell Earth's V Lock Block. This Earth Block building system allows for vertical and horizontal reinforcements to be incorporated into the design so that better seismic and loading resistance can be achieved. This versatile Earth Block system allows designers and builders to easily fit the compressed earth block building material into already widely used and understood masonry systems. If you have any questions or would like more information on producing or building with compressed earth blocks: Visit our website: Contact Us: There are also a bunch of great videos on our YouTube channel: Earth Blocks are an amazingly versatile locally produced building material that creates more energy efficient structures with significantly lower embodied energy than all other masonry systems. WHAT CAN WE HELP YOU BUILD? #ceb #compressed_earth_block #cseb #earth_block #earthen_construction #eco_blocks #eco_construction_material #natural_building #rammed_earth #rammed_earth_blocks #sceb
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