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Ombre House

Ombre House

Ombre? What is that? Ombre means that colors change their tone, here from a crisp white to a dark and excentric black. This ombre effect is the primary design element on the facade. Structurally, this house has three full ensuite bedrooms, a large family room and a kitchen/dining combo with interesting ceiling details. I am not 100 percent sure about the design choice I made in that space, but was too lazy to delete it again ;D One really cool aspect about this house is the courtyard in the front with a lap pool in it. You actually have to walk past it when you get to the front door, which, if I may say so myself, is a stunning feature (not to toot my own horn or anything). There is a carport in the front of the house. Actually, the downstairs bedroom was meant to be the gaarge, but I decided I wanted a third bedroom and then converted the garage and added the carport, which is solely functional and is a tad detrimental to the facade, but sometimes function trumps design, I suppose. The cars are components I downloaded. I forgot who made them, but you'll see everyone's names under "contributors". I heart Lexus! I want one! Currently I rely on my parents' cars and public transportation :( boo! I am a horrible driver though, so maybe that's for the best .... This is it! #are #car #car_port #casa #contemporary #cordelle #degrade #facade #favorite #fertighaus #haus #home #house #jeff_thielemeier #markie #midcentury #modellers #modern #ombre #paulwall #residence #simtastic #those
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