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Stp Corbiere regelbau 633 and 634 Part 1/4

Stp Corbiere regelbau 633 and 634 Part 1/4

As appreciation of the help with the M19 mortar I decided to make a model of the two bunkers at Stp Corbiere. Hopefully they can have some use of the model to make illustrations or for explanation proposes at the exhibition. I will post some of the pictures from this model in this thread. My intention is not to spoil any visits to the site but in the contrary inspire people with opportunity to visit the place. I’ve got the permission from Scolty to use is excellent 634 model as one important part which made this model possible. The Channel Islands regelbau bunker seems to be the first constructed in 600 series of regelbau’s so they differ a little bit from later built. There have been some emails going back and forth between M19Madmal and me in the process of getting the combined model of 633 and 634 regelbau as correct as possible. This is a multipart file, which consists of 4 parts. Select all copy open next and past in place. Scenes and layers in use as is animated parts. Especially thanks to Malcom for guidance and Scolty & Bunker14 Sketchup model and parts. All rights reserved © Harpoon 2012. No public use unless approved. Contact me in advance. #Atlantic_Wall #Regelbau
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