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Martian War Machine 1953 Version

Martian War Machine 1953 Version

James L.
This is a model based on the fantastic Alien Vehicles used in George Pal's 1953 Science Fiction masterpiece "The War of the Worlds" based on HG Wells classic novel. This film was later remade in 2005 by Steven Spielberg and borrowed many aspects from this film. This model was very difficult to make in Sketchup and was done entirely from contours and the Sandbox utilities. Tried to be as faithful to the Al Nozaki(53 version Art director) Manta-Cobra design as possible. Surely one of the most menacingly beautiful designs ever in the history of film. I suspect I spent close to 40 hours working on this one and I still have more work to do! But wanted to get it out there for everyone to enjoy and hopefully make improvements and comments too! #1950s #Flying_Saucer #George_Pal #HG_Wells #Movies #SciFi #Science_Fiction #Spaceship #SPFX #War_of_the_Worlds
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