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Myst Island update (again)

Myst Island update (again)

I decided to make another update to my Myst Island model. here, I made the interiors of the library, added the thermal imager chamber, as well as the wire to the rocket. I also added the switches in front of the pillars (as suggested by ob1modeller). Enjoy and rate! (i just realized I overwritten my previous update, so comments from the previous one are still here. for all those wondering what i did in the previous update, I gave the island "real" textures and added marker switches.)............(UPDATE: one last message here. I am also working on the other 4 ages of Myst. They should turn up soon.) ...............(UPDATE [AGAIN]: you can kinda disregard the thing about the 4 other ages, they will turn up, but they may not come for a while. don't blame me, blame my mother who is putting very strict time limits on the computer.) #brickroad_brickroad #Cyan #island #Myst #mysterious #mystical #please_rate #Riven
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