02 Brick
Homes and commercial structures made of brick convey a traditional beauty and charm that transcends time. Vintage and Newport Brick fiber cement panels from Nichiha convey the splendor and appeal of traditional brick in two styles and seven color choices. Builders and home owners have two style options; Newport brick panels have a beautiful crisp fresh-cut brick appearance, while the Vintage brick panels feature the warmth and charm of age-worn brick. Each panel is a full 3/4” thick, 18 inches in height and 6 feet in length, covers 9 sq.ft. and weighs 38.3 pounds. Vintage Brick panels are available in three color options; Alexandria Buff, Rustic Autumn and White Wash. Newport Brick panels feature four color options; Red-Buff, Rose-Red, Red-Red and Rose-Buff, indicating the brick and mortar combinations. The patented Nichiha clip system saves labor time and costs, as no special tools or specific labor are needed to complete installation. The system creates a pocket of air between the panels and substrate, reducing the potential for moisture build-up. No exposed fasteners mean a clean, beautiful look for any commercial application. #07_46_00 #Brick #Fiber_cement_panel #Nichiha
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