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Hobby CNC with Proxxon Micromot drill mount

Hobby CNC with Proxxon Micromot drill mount

Fred M.
This is my take on the ubiquitous home made MDF three axis CNC machine, however mine will be constructed of 18mm birch plywood (very expensive at over £60.00 for a full board) but it is stronger, better for making secure joints, and about 25% lighter than MDF. Mine is a typical floating table design, but to eliminate any sag caused by the weight of the gantry, I have added a pair of bearings on each gantry side which run on an aluminium track mounted on a lower subframe which takes all the weight. So in effect the gantry supports the cutting table rather than imparting any load on it. This is still a work on progress, hope you can make use of some of these ideas in your own project. #CNC_router #DIY_CNC #MDF_CNC_machine #MDF_CNC_router #Proxxon
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