A mortar is a tool used to weave, reduce dust and mix solid substances. This is essentially a container, from the round bottom, made of hardwood or metal (rarely made of stone, marble or porcelain) into which the substances are placed, which are then shredded by the action of a pestle, a short blade consisting of a ' Handle and a wider and heavy end. Kitchen It can be used for various purposes: it finds its common application in the kitchen, for the preparation of foods such as pesto, guacamole or to crush herbs, spices and to reduce the salt in salt. Tools similar to mortar by function, though sometimes different in shape, can be found virtually anywhere in the world, used to chop the ingredients while preparing food. For example, many Native American populations are usually made of mortars from naturally concave rocks, where they lowered acorns, walnuts or grains of powder. In South East Asia and India these utensils are usually made of granite, while in Japan, alongside mortars of medium size similar to western ones and called suribaches, it is traditional to use a large container, usu, Which is beaten rice with a hammer (kine) to get a sweet pasta called mochi. A traditional Mexican instrument, the molcajete, is made of basalt and used for shredding maize for the production of dishes such as tortillas or tamales. Pharmacy Another use of mortar is in ancient alchemy or, in the field of science, in chemistry and in the traditional pharmacy, where it is used to make blends, or powdered medicines, although nowadays they use their place more frequently Of electrical machinery that allow for better accuracy and time and effort. Traditional herbal medicine also uses mortar. Barman The use of pestle or mortar is also found in the field of the barman, where it takes the name of muddle, and serves mainly for the construction of those cocktails that provide the juice out of some fruit. The material used for muddle construction is generally polycarbonate. #Mortar
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