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MSX XT5 S 128 (CX40)

MSX XT5 S 128 (CX40)

The all new CX40 XT5 is closer the the ST2 than the CX30 launched in 2006 and has become a more direct rival to the Subaru Outback and Skoda Scout.The CX40 shares its doors and roof with the ST2 wagon but is longer and higher than the ST2 wagon and has standard AWD. It will be availiable with a 1.6l turbo 4 cylinder, 2.5l inline 6 and 3.0l inline 6. All will hve a choice of six speed manual or DCG. This iis the 128 S. The engine in the S is a 1.6l turbo 4 cylinder with 128kW@6000rpm and 256Nm@2200rpm and the standard gearbox option is a six speed manual, a 6 speeed DCG is optional. You also get traction and stability control, 6 disc CD player, iPod connectivity, climate control, bluetooth and 7 airbags. Premium audio with an 80GB hard drive and leather seats are optional.
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