CASEFORWARD  Reusable 4 Glass Bottle Carrier

CASEFORWARD Reusable 4 Glass Bottle Carrier

designed for reuse with flip-top 16 ounce glass bottles. Four Bottle carrier is made of Maple and Cherry. 8x8 inch and 11 inches tall. 1" diameter cherry handle. Bottom is 1" thick Hard Maple, middle divider 3/4" thick Hard Maple stock. The two side rails are 3/4" thick Hard Maple. No fasteners. All joinery is either dovetailed or pegged thru tenon. To be used for Loess Hills Cooperative's Hard Cider and Kombucha fermented heathy drinks. Members return bottles and carrier for reuse not waste. Part of Caseforward reusable container system. #bottle #carrier #glass #reusable #zerowaste
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