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piano Bob
This model consists of 4 basic the real thing. There is a basic shell with a left, right, and front roof component. It's obviously not finished! (You may want to decorate it yourself.) I plan to actually build this puppy and gift it to my grand daughters. Most of the design must be attributed to Garth Close. I bought his plan book however I found some errors there. I also changed the floor plan and stairway configuration. Standard dollhouse scale is 1" = 1'. What you see here reflects the recommended 3/8" plywood building material. This is definitely a work in progress and have made a few minor adjustments since posting the current model. I plan to start actual construction soon and will update this model as I go along if I find an interest in the community. Let me know what you think. I used some components from the 3D warehouse and dicked with them to make them fit. Thanks to all! #craft #doll #hobby #house #miniature
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