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This 952 sq. ft 1 bedroom 1 bath single story natural/modern cottage features your choice of strawbale, straw-clay, or dense-pack cellulose double-wall construction to achieve superinsulated standards. Designed for passive solar, this home will be non-toxic, functional, and extremely energy-efficient. All wood construction will use Wisconsin-grown aspen and pine for framing material and your choice of local species for exposed timber frame and hardwood flooring, ceiling panelling, trim and cabinetry. Wall finishes will be a zero-VOC non-toxic paint as a base finish with the option of earthen plaster finishes for additional texture. This home will use all solid wood and sheathing -- no plywoods, OSB, or synthetics. Flooring options include polished slab on grade, A Forest in a Floor mixed species local hardwood floors, or an earthen floor. Siding options include lime stucco, pine, white oak, or black locust siding. #local_wood #natural #nontoxic #strawbale #timberframehybrid
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