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Ford Building Rotunda • Geodesic Dome

Ford Building Rotunda • Geodesic Dome

Installed over the circular atrium of the Ford building, in Dearborn, Michigan • 1953 • Incorporates aluminum octet trusses to further reinforce the primary planar triangular panels • Icosahedron tessellation • Class I • Frequency 4v • Aluminum frame covered with translucent plastic panels • Conceived, and proposed to Ford, by Richard Buckminster Fuller • Designed and engineered by T.C.Howard • Building totally destroyed by fire, in the winter of 1962, caused by workers resealing leaking seams on the dome, using flammable sealant (tar compound) #buckminster #Bucky #dome #Fuller #Geodesic #icosahedron #octet #polyhedra #polyhedron #Synergetics #TC_Howard #truss
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