world largest ship still in design by wolf this shipp will ever float on our waters i dont know wenn but i got the idea from a book witch sad this ship schould be sailing in 2002 well its 2006 now and it still isnt started contruction. well i thought i make a 3d model of it . besides to make u shure its big... ita big enought to land 2 boeings at a time and big enought to store 5 boeings 300 cars and there are 65000 apartments on board the ship is 1 mile long and has 16 luxury departments of eatch 2.8 mill euro's with 3 bathrooms bieutifull outlook on the sea and the best service there is also a golf course on bourd university, hospital,school,swimingpool,a train wich runs day and night and 35 floors... (PART 3 boxes and first lines and textures)
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