Sint-Bavokerk  Aardenburg

Sint-Bavokerk Aardenburg

Jan Hendrik Fennema
The Saint Bavo Church or St. Baafskerk is a Protestant church in the Dutch town of Aardenburg in Zeeland. The church was built in the years after 1243 on the base of a former church building. In the Netherlands is this church the best example of ScheldeGothic, a regional architectural style of the transition from Romanesque to Gothic in the first half of the 13th century. The church finds origins by the monks of St. Bavo's Abbey in Gent, who built at this location a small church in 959. By the population growth in the 13thcentury to a town of 5000 inhabitants there was a need for a larger church. This Romanesque church burned down in 1202 and was rebuild again. During the last view years of World War II there has been devastating fights in this region. Entire villages had been wiped away. Also in Aardenburg, a great part of the city was demolished. This church was at the end of the war nothing but a ruin.This church is now in the "Top 100 of the Dutch UNESCO monuments". After the restoration is part of the church property of the State of the Netherlands (RGD). #Aardenburg #church #holland #kerk #nederland #sealand #SintBavokerk #the_netherlands #zeeland
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