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With the GS70 MkII, the GT5 continues to evolve into a more sophisticated breed of muscle car, taking another step closer to the Chevrolet Corvette and distancing itself from MSX's own ST7 Fastback and it's Omega Bullet sibling. It's not exactly a Corvette rival, for a start it's much more practical, but it's heading in the direction of being a Corvettte rival. Think of it as a combination of a muscle car and a GT car . The GS71 MSX GT5 introduces new head and tail lights, a new bonnet and new bumpers, and new/updated engines. The S sticks with the 2.0 turbo four from the GS71 MkI, but with increased power, the SP6 gets a new 30V versiion of the venerable 3.6L inline 6, and the range topping AP325 will become the AP340 with an overhauled 30V version of it's 4.1L six. The SP8 shown here gets an all new 4.0L twin turbo V8, producing 440hp@5900rpm and 569Nm@2500rpm.It's availiable with a 6 speed manual or 7 speed DCT. Credit to .ıllı.AL.ıllı , AD9, darlington, EvanAlmighty, IkoT4ever ®, MotoDaz, Ray and Rogue. It costs AU$67,990, US$38,750, £33,250 #Camaro #car #Challenger #Chevrolet #Corvette #coupe #Dodge #door #Ford #GS71_MkII #GT5 #MSX #muscle #Mustang #SP8 #two
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