Ecological preservation, land stewardship and sustainable design are the focus of this proposed meditation and overnight stay shelter. The location is in a sensitive ecological area in Central California in the interior side of the Coastal Range on the edge of the Central California Farmlands. This area is under constant pressure to extend farmland development tempered only by the limits of water availability and mandated growth restrictions. It is hoped that OUTLOOK will raise awareness and focus attention on the issues revolving around this region and stimulate discussions that will help to find a natural, sustainable balance. OUTLOOK is elevated against a thermal mass wall to reduce its land footprint and protect it from intense heat. The roof is planted with wheat grass and the windows and skylight can be opened to allow natural ventilation. The design embraces a small sustainable farm that is fed by stored rain water run-off. SketchUp and Google Earth were utilized in the design process to study the form of the shelter on the slope of the site and to analyze the sun/shade characteristics of the thermal wall. #architecture #Bendtwist #environmental_architecture #google_competition #google_shelter_it_competition #google_shetlerit_competition #google_sketchup_competition #green_architecture #guggenheim_competition #Guggenheim_Shelter #Heinrich_shelter_it #Michael_Heinrich #Outlook #outlook_Heinrich #shelter_it #shelter_it_architecture #shelter_it_competition #Sketchup_competition #sketchup_shelterit_competition
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