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Brightwood Town FC - Carnfield Park

Brightwood Town FC - Carnfield Park

This is Carnfield Park, Home to scottish division 2 side Brightwood Town Football Club, founded in 1951. Brightwood has always been playing in the second division, but this year things are looking good, they are currently on the first place in the table. The end stand dates back to 1953, 2 years after the club was founded, and at the time it was one of the biggest end stands in division 2 in Scotland with a capacity of 1.243 spectators. In 2008 a new away stand was built (east stand) with a capacity of 541 visiting supporters, and in 2011 a new main stand took place, capacity 1.043. Plans have been made to build a second end stand with a capacity around 2.500 seats, and to expand the main stand to hold 3.000 spectators if they promote division 1. Pitch by AFC123, Rate And Review!! #bengt #carnfield_park #claes #gredde #lena #olof #snor
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