tictac smg
the tightbore tactical submachinegun or tictac is a 9 milimeter last resort personal defence weapon made and manufactured by tasco arms. it has a 3 round burst or fully automatic firing system and a 25 round magazine. it has a somewhat unusual compensator and a stubby stock. it has no tasco trademarks but does have a 9mm tictac embellishment on the right side of the magwell. this gun is best used as a last resort weapon not as a primary due to the fact that it has a short barrel and 9mm pistol caliber also its small compact size is good for concealing under a coat or fast movement with the weapon eg a recon mission by using a silencer and ''run'n'gunning'' people this weapon would be the perfect choice. this gun is concept and not meant to be taken as a gun in real life. #runngun #gost #gun #m93r #reaconconcealment #smg #submachinegun #tec_9 #tictac
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