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R.O.H.V.E.R. Tank
The R.O.H.V.E.R. (Remote Operated Hovercraft Vehicle Engage-Ready) Tank, a mobile heavy artillery weapon, has 2 massive semi-aoutomatic Mortar turrets ready to annihilate anything in its path. The R.O.H.V.E.R. moves via a vertical thrust (bottom) to sustain hover, a horizontal thrust (rear) to sustain movement, and several diagonal thrusts (side) to move sideways and to turn. To accomplish sideways movement, all the diagonal thrusts on one side go off, allowing for "rolling" movement. To turn for movement purposes, the diagonal thrusts nearest the front on one side activate. But to turn for aiming purposes, the diagonal thrusts nearest the back on one side activate. #camo #craft #heavy #hover #mobile #NSCC #paradox #ROHVER #tank #turret #turrets #weapon
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