Place of landing Yuri Gagarin. It so happened that the story of Engels is closely intertwined with the history of space exploration. Firstly, the plant "Signal" and konstrutorskoe office "signal" produced and manufactured products used in space vehicles. Second, in the spring of 1960 at a military airfield Engels were pilots parachute training the first group of Soviet cosmonauts, including Yuri Gagarin, Titov, Leonov, and other heroes of the cosmos. Third, it is near the town of Engels, Yuri Gagarin landed after the world's first space flight. Here, a memorial obelisk and statue of Yuri Gagarin Clara Matveeva, and the Day of Astronautics at this place, called the Gagarin field, pass a grand celebration with an air show, car and motorcycle races, concerts, etc. In general, the Saratov land for Yuri Gagarin - this, according to his confession, a second home. In Saratov, he studied at the Industrial College, a school DOSAAF first in his life got on the plane. By the way, and after space flight, astronaut number 1 came to Saratov and Engels, so there are many memorable places connected with the name of Yuri Gagarin. #Гагарин #Памятник #Саратов #Энгельс
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