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Substation Transformer

Substation Transformer

Martin Lelle
European 110/10kV substation assembly. Supplied with HV side protective disconnect switch, that protects the transformer against overload, overheat, overvoltage, lightning strike from HV line side, electrical arc and extreme solar storm, also manually and remotely controllable, complies to IEC 62271-3, disconnects automatically with power failure, with integral 110/0,23kV supply transformer (connected with phase 2&3), 230V 2P output provided with 2 1P 16A circuit breaker protected european sockets. Stainless steel cover, high quality porceline insulators, InertOil (R): nonflammable inert oil, conducts heat 70% better than traditional oil, dosen't ignite even with high temperatures or creates any residual material (tested with electrical arc 330kV 6A 10 minutes), superiour dielectric and arc quenching properties. Complies to MIL-STD-810F and IEC 61850. Usable with temperatures: -85...+200°C, transformer core nominal temperature with nominal load and 25°C ambient temperature: +55°C. Transformer Data: Pnom: 320MVA Pmax: 500MVA Udif: +/- 20% auto-regulated Switch Data: P: 2kVA U: 110kV +/- 25% Manufactured by fictional ResR Technology Company Unlimited in Estonia. Price ~65'000€ without taxes and shipping. 250 years quaranteed service life. Possible to order transformer with other voltages and/or power. #estonia #european #substation #transformer #utility
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