Gourley Building  & ICON Lounge

Gourley Building & ICON Lounge

Icon Lounge provides an entertainment venue to Sioux Falls that is truly & uniquely chic. Signature drinks, bottle service, tapas, all tucked into an urban upscale warehouse, The Gourley Building, in downtown Sioux Falls. The Gourley Building was constructed in 1908 as the John Deere Plow Company. Made from native Sioux Quartzite, the foundation of the classic structure was quarried on the site, with additional quartzite brought in from other local quarries. The top floor offers 15,000 square feet of floor space accommodating 10 large loft apartments, with the remainder of the building utilized for upscale office and retail. The general theme of the architectural design is being referred to as vintage industrial with residential conversion. Some of the highlights include large open spaces, high ceilings, large window openings, beautiful wood plank floors & views of interest. Each loft offers its own laundry as well and generous kitchen cabinets. Popular in many urban areas these lofts are truly one of a kind. The Gourley building sits in the middle of a dynamic downtown renaissance. Most exciting is the Falls Park rebuilding and with the close proximity to the river and downtown, it makes the location highly desirable.
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