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ARCH1101,EXP1, 2010, Dahua Chen

ARCH1101,EXP1, 2010, Dahua Chen

This is the working studio designed for Patricia Piccinini, which is the upper one Ricky Swallow, which is the one underground. The two studios are connected by a galler in between and the two galleries are each connected to the gallery with a staircase. The work of Patricia Piccinini are mostly based on the confliction between technology and natural items and they tent to be organic therefore the studio designed for her is mostly constructed by curve lines. Since she draws inspiration from dialy observation, the studio is designed that she s able to see the galler from her studio. Glasses is used to provide natural light into the gallery and studio. Ricky Swallow s studio is designed underground becasue his art works are related to the theme of death and immortal. The pyramid shape is only a cover of the studio; it blocks most of the light and hence looking from the ground of the studio inside the pyramid to the top of the pyramid, the fading sunlight creates an immortal sense to inspir Rikcy Swallow. The simple shapes of the studio represents atoms which are the most basic structure of the universe and hence creates a sense of eternity. The staircase to Patricia Piccinini s office is designed as spiral stair, therefore, it fits into the spaces as it saves lots of space. #conflict #death #Patricia_Piccinini #Ricky_Swallow #spaces #stair
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