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Port Augusta CBD Revitalisation - Road Plan

Port Augusta CBD Revitalisation - Road Plan

Jack K.
The Port Augusta City Council's Style Guide (available at http://portaugusta.sa.gov.au/style_guide) has envisaged, among other things, a plan to revitalise the main street (Commercial Road). This proposal for a redevelopment of the Port Augusta CBD includes the following; - Reconstruction of Commercial Road and part of Tassie Street - Converting Gibson Street (not shown), El Alamein Road (partially shown) and part of Tassie Street (partially shown) to one-way (Gibson-El Alamein-Tassie). - Converting Flinders Terrace to a 2+1 format (2 lanes SW, 1 lane NE), with provisions for turning lanes as required. (Partially shown) - Installing traffic lights at all intersections involving Commercial Road and the intersection of Tassie Street, Marryatt Street and Wharflands Esplanade, with diagonal (scramble) pedestrian crossings included. Other junctions not shown may be upgraded. - Planting of suitable trees (not shown) and installation of Style Guide planter boxes (not accurately shown and plants omitted) - Installation of bike racks (not accurately shown) and drinking fountains (all including dog bubblers) (not accurately shown). - Development and installation of the (presently fictional) smartpark Guided Parking System, which will make finding a carpark easier (physically, online and via a smartphone app), whilst enabling parking restrictions to be more easily enforceable. - Other general improvements. NOTE: This is a personal concept only and is not an official concept. Please note that, as a result, this concept is not necessarily endorsed or envisaged by the Port Augusta City Council. Revisions are continuous and ongoing and the final redevelopment is likely to vary significantly. Pedestrians are not shown. Elevation changes have not been accounted for. DEFINITELY NOT FOR 3D PRINTING CREDITS: - Vehicles - generic Sketchup vehicles - Street lights - based on a real design envisaged for Commercial Road in the Style Guide. I have modified the design where mast arms of traffic lights and guided parking systems are used. - Planter boxes - loosely based on a real design envisaged in the Style Guide. - Bicycle racks - real-world commercial design envisaged in the Style Guide - Traffic lights, signage - my work, based on Australian Standards and Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (South Australia) guidelines. - Roads - my work, using a combination of Sketchup and Style Guide materials. - Any other components may or may not be my work, and if it is my work, may be based on others' work and reinterpreted for this model.
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