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Greydon Freeman

Greydon Freeman

Creating Hartford
Provisions International, as it is commonly known today, is a three story brick commercial building. It is positioned on the southwest corner of North Main Street and Currier Streets. The Barnes Block was built between 1901 and 1906 when Sanborn Insurance Maps were being printed and when Currier Street was yet to be created. When you walk in the door of the building, you are struck by the beauty of the wood trim and gorgeous staircase right in the middle of the first floor. The building was taken care of so well that you think you are in the early 1900s; it seems as if the building was plucked from that time period and never touched on the inside. However, the outside has some normal wear and tear from the elements of the cold central Vermont. For more information about this building, our course, and other Hartford History, visit our website: #Food #Freeman #Greydon #Hartford #International #Provisions #Supply #Vermont #VT #White_River_Junction #WRJ
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