Refugium 18" and 36" L x 3" W x 10.5" H,  Hang-on Back

Refugium 18" and 36" L x 3" W x 10.5" H, Hang-on Back

Based on a commercially available design, with some changes. Intention is to use heavy duty threaded bulkheads(farm water system parts supply)/threaded pvc fittings to support the weight of the refugium, rather than adding support brackets. Same size bulkheads are used on both ends to simplify hole placement and to better support the weight with thicker/larger parts, necking down the input side to 1/2" for pump. Will be adding a Hagen Surface Skimmer attached to the pump, but need to get it modeled.... Currently have this running 2 years so far on a 50g (tall 40B) reef tank (aged 4 years), without protein skimmer or sump or traditional filtering, with 3 maxi 1200's on a wave timer power strip. Shortened the height by 1.5" on the 18" so that 2 units could be constructed from one 24"x48" sheet with very little waste. The 36" could use some extra support brackets.... #aquarium #coral #filtration #reef #Refugium #sump
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