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"Metatron" Model of Cognitive Channels and Collective Intelligence

"Metatron" Model of Cognitive Channels and Collective Intelligence

Emma Scott Lavin
This visual is a rough first sketch of our ways of knowing, learning, confirming, and sharing knowledge - of developing personal and collective intelligence and wisdom. I created this out of interests in: - Recovering from abusive and dysfunctional relationships - How fascism depends on dysfunctional relationships to stay in place - The social nature of intelligence and wisdom. - AI This model features in my YouTube video "Cultural Traumaload Part 1," (https://youtu.be/cSIzJ1wvOmU) where parts of the model turn on and off in the background. I'm not sure how well I pull the effect off in this first video, but my idea is to show how cultural traumaload and rigidity builds as we shut off, invalidate, compartmentalize or prefer certain modes of perceiving and sharing as a way of rationalizing and avoiding pain, while traumaload retreats and flexibility expand as we learn to *both* honor *and* question our perceptions from a space of personal empowerment.
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