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The Chattanooga Convention Center

The Chattanooga Convention Center

Chattanooga 3D
The Chattanooga Convention Center serves the convention industry with superior service and amenities. Chattanooga, located in the southeast corner of Tennessee, is within a day's drive of over half the population of the United States. From the Chattanooga Convention Center, you can walk to world famous attractions, more than 35 popular restaurants and 2,000 first-class hotel rooms. Within five to fifteen miles, there are an additional 7,000 hotel rooms and 150 restaurants. From the open, contemporary layout of the pre-function areas to the expansive exhibition, meeting and banquet spaces, the Chattanooga Convention Center represents a refreshing environment for any convention, meeting or event. The Chattanooga Convention Center represents nothing short of a revolution in exhibition space design. Unlike traditional meeting spaces (with dark ceilings that beg to be ignored), the Convention Center's sophisticated lighting technology allows natural sunlight directly into the spacious exhibition area. The result: bright, evenly distributed lighting that's not only more visually pleasing, but also brings with it all of the psychological benefits of working in pure, natural sunlight. #Chattanooga #Chattanooga_Convention_Center #Chattanooga3D #CVB #Market3D #TN
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