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1980's-90's Hardee's Logo

1980's-90's Hardee's Logo

If you grew up in the eastern half of the United States (like me), you will very likely remember seeing this logo. Hardee's used this logo throughout the 1980's (probably earlier) and the early-to-mid 1990's, until it changed to the last logo before the current one in 1997 when they were acquired by Carl's Jr. parent CKE, but not before Hardee's went broke and closed hundreds of outlets. There are very few examples (about a dozen) of this sign still in existence at operating outlets today. This was traced from an image of a french fry box from that era found on the internet. Don't forget to leave a rating and a review if you remember Hardee's in it's old days. Feel free to use this in your models, but please do not re-upload this and claim that you made it, that model will be reported to Trimble if it is done. #1980s #1990s #fast #fast_food #food #Hardees #restaurant #retro #roadside #vintage
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