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The Ross Family Home: By Paul Hock

The Ross Family Home: By Paul Hock

Raymond H.
The problem we were faced with in this process is that james and wendy ross want to build a home for their three children, one of which is in a wheelchair, and their fourth expectant child. The house must accommodate for for the needs of all six people, especially the child in the wheelchair. The house must also be sustainable so that it can withstand the test of time. The creative process began with the programming document, which was by far the most helpful piece of information in the whole project. In this we placed information regarding the room size, what it was used for, and where it was placed relative to the other rooms. The next step was the bubble plan, in this the rooms were to be placed according to the programming document. After this we made our box plans, which gave us a better feeling of where the rooms needed to be and what size they had to be. The site plan came next, in the site plan we discussed environmental factors such as wind, pre existing trees, and the sun, and positioned our house to fit that. Next we created our floor plan. I believe that this was the hardest part of the process because i had not put enough room for my circulation block and i needed to compensate with the stairs. In the floorplan we placed our walls, doors, windows, bathrooms , and stairs. Next came the roof plan. In this we made our roofs to be accommodate the first and second floors of the proposed house. Finally, after many hours of hard labor the elevation plans were ready to be created. In the elevation plans we projected out our floor plans to make them look like they would in an actual environment. The house that I created for the Ross family is stellar. My house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms as well as a full chefs kitchen and a greenhouse. Some of its other fantastic features include a gym, a two story family room, and a four car garage. On the outdoors of the house there is a pool, gazebo, and 3 downstairs and two upstairs porches. The house also includes an elevator and for sets of stairs for easy access to the upstairs. The house has a nice flow from top to bottom. The gym feature in the house contains a therapy area for the child confined to a wheelchair. Also the house has a specially fitted ada bathroom for the first child. For the fourth expectant child there is a room in which the child can grow up into. There are separate rooms for the other two children and a sizable master bedroom for the mother and father. The greenhouse was added to this house as a self-sustainability feature, with the greenhouse the Ross family can grow their own vegetables without leaving the comfort of their home. The free flowing design of the house contributes to the fact that this is the best fitting design for the Ross family. Also, a special thanks to anyone that made the models that i used. #beautiful #cool #house #mansion #ross_family #sick #sustainable
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