Elemental fountain
The elements of pure air, water, earth and fire in gem form concitraited exactly to form pure light and shadow gems, perfect for elemental jewelsmithers and rich mages who need to bring the elements into there lives as a requirement (requirement 23v-29v, check section A) for becoming an arch mage :) if you get one of these in real life, please use exetreme cuation with both the light and shadow gems, removing either one of them can cuase the other one to get too powerful and damage the balance, so jewel smithers, if your removing the light or shadow gems, please remove both of them becuase quick harvesting light gems can cuase the shadow one to overload and shatter, which MAY and I say MAY becuase this happens 70% the time the shadow gem shatters to open up a nether portal, or a portal of death, the other 30% of the time, a nethergem forms, (which is why nethergem jewerly costs so much) and if it does, please use magic dampener volume 2.5 on it, becuase if you don't you may be sued by the corporal magic jewelry assocation. but you already learned this right elemental jewelsmithers? if you didn't please read the offical manual of collecting elegems (all parts of it too!!!) also I advise you not to use air gems in adamant chain necklaces, this may cuase the necklace to float upwards even when your wearing it, I know this from exepirence. #air #earth #elemental #fire #fountain #light #shadow #water
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