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Brickton Air Cargo Douglas DC-8-70F

Brickton Air Cargo Douglas DC-8-70F

Super Seventy! Brickton is back and there fleet got bigger..... by one plane. N870BC is the only DC8 in the fleet. Brings the grand total up to 2 747-100C's, 34 Boeing 707-300C's, 4 DC-10-10F's, and 1 DC-8-70F. This aircraft will be mostly for Contracted service. More than likely an arrangement with the United States Postal Service or whom ever would like to strike up a contract with us. Leave a comment and maybewe can work out all the details later. Anyways thanks to 707 for the DC8. Comment and rate. ©2014 Boeingfan727 #Brickton_Air_Cargo #DC870F
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