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MSX 2.0 CTDi turbo diesel inline 4

MSX 2.0 CTDi turbo diesel inline 4

The 2.0L single turbo four cylinder version of IMMC's Bluetorque common rail diesel engine family. This is expected to be the biggest selling version, offered in the ISO London, Vancouver (next year) and Melbourne, MSX ST2, ST3, ST6, XT4 (next year) and XT5 and Vertice V3 and V5. It has 163bhp/120kW@4150-4400rpm and 320Nm@2000-3000rpm. Customer engines will be sold under MSX. 1.6 and 2.3L versions also availiable #car #common #cylinder #diesel #engine #four #IMMC #ISO #MSX #rail #turbo #Vertice
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